Sa Palihon nasa maganda ang dagat at tsaka yung perfect na relaxation

Sa Palihon nasa maganga ang dagat at tsaka yung perfect na relaxation (Palihon where the beach is beautiful and the perfect relaxation).

April was a challenging month for me.  It’s summer vacation, but I feel like it’s go time. (Yes, I know I have a lot of time, ze-wei).  In the past month, I cried twice on the streets of Catarman for various reasons.  I needed a place to relax.  This is my relaxing weekend.

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In the Philippines, people here classify sexuality into three genders: “bakla” synonymous with gay, bisexual, and transgender (only for boys), “tomboy” referring to lesbians (only for girls), and heterosexuals. (Heterosexuals do not have a term.  But I am still learning so don’t quote me).

Disclosure: What I am about to say is based on my personal accounts and observations only.
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As a volunteer in the Education sector, we work closely with Department of Education (DepED).  Since the Philippines manages education through the government, the movement of school positions are decided by the regional office.  In our case, our regional department is an hour away in Catarman.  The superintendent decides who should go where based on experience and skills.  Based on my observation, usually incoming teachers are based in far flung baragays.  These far flung brgys. could be 1-6 hours away from their families. However more senior ranked teachers and principals get to move closer to his/her desired work location.  But if one waits or knows someone or if someone is ranked very high, one can get an available position at his/her desired location.  One of my co-teachers told me that he was ranked 1st in his class and waited 2-3 years before he found an available position at our high school.  In many cases especially for the young teachers, they are really far from their loved ones.  Yes, these teachers could ask for a transfer, but again this takes a lot of time. Continue reading


Post Christmas. The plan was to go home (Pambujan) for New Years with Host Family.  Unfortunately, another typhoon came and made it impossible for our plane to land in Catarman, so New Years in Manila.

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