I did not take a lot of pictures in the end of May.  :(  My friends have all the awesome photos from our waterfall trip. How did we get there?

  1. Take a 6AM van ride to Catarman (30 mins. to 1 hr.)
  2. Then take a 7AM jeepney ride to Allen (~1hr)
  3. Take 9AM jeepney to Calbayog (1hr)
  4. Arrive at the beginning of our destination
  5. Hike 3k in the heat… not bad
  6. Do some bouldering rock climbing to get to this waterfall

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Ze-wei’s adventure

Warning: There is small bit of nudity. and lots of photos

Banaue and Batad  (Luzon):

Zewei has arrived!  That same day after her 14 hours plus flight, we took an interesting 9 hr bus ride to Banaue.  In the past 3 days, ze-wei hasn’t had one nights rest in a bed, and we decided to climb many steps and mountains to the rice terraces.

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BKP and Food

The paragraphs below was written by Laurie Henninger (my second closest sitemate, who lives in Catarman).  This is our story about BKP.

Hi PC Philippines community! This is Laurie Henninger here in Catarman, Northern Samar and I’d like to brag about a terrific training that we had here in my town for two days, April 11 – 12, 2014. PCVs Aimee Allen, Rickey Larkin, Stephanie Li and I along with seven BKP trainers put together a Bagong Kulturang Pinoy training for all the teachers at our schools.  The Training and Development (TnD) Division of Northern Samar was vital in helping get the memo organized and signed by our superintendent to make this training become a reality Continue reading