In a Catholic country, the number 40 is prevalent in their religion and culture.  40 is the number of days that took Moses to cross, 40 days of fasting, 40 days of trails, and the examples go on…

Philippines and death:

After someone passes away, there is a customary 9 day wake.  The body of the decease is placed in the living room of the family.  Friends and family come visit the body anytime.  They come in, view the decease, chika with the family, eat the snacks, maybe play games (depending if it is night), and then leaves.  Also at least one person needs to be awake to keep the decease company at all hours for 9 days.  In following the (Filipino) Catholic religion, the family needs to pray everyday for 40 days starting with the day of death. Continue reading

For Tatay

Sometimes service places us in life changing moments.  I hope I learned something about myself and the world around me through these moments.  The last couple of weeks have been the most challenging time for me and service.  I lost someone, someone who I cared about. And his death had an unusual affect on me, something that I did not expect.  Anyways, these are my last words and thoughts to my host dad, tatay Lope. Continue reading